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Me talking about myself
Hello, I am developer & designer from India who loves design and the internet sphere. Front End Developer with experience coding HTML, CSS, Wordpress, jQuery and PHP. I focus on writing clean, elegant and efficient code.

I am Working as a Developer at SIMPLYGRAPHIX India

This website is my digital playground, My business card in the world wide web. Here i can do whatever i want to. And i am happy to welcome you to my website.

I'm not sure but it may be true that the only reason that I love to take photos is that I can buy great camera :) Since spring 2011 I'm the owner of a SONY Cybershot a 20MP and what I can say is: It's my small dream camera. I enjoy to take photos with this!
Photographing for me means to save memories. Memories that we can have a look at again and again. In times of the camera it's easy to take a bunch of pictures.


I create and build websites to give great pleasure and let you invite to come back. For me it's called that beside the graphic work — the Design — also the frontend/backend development using HTML & CSS, jQuery, PHP and WordPress.

The development part is huge important for me to keep trying and don't miss new technics and standards and yes it's also a good alternation to the design part, I will upload my Portfolio soon..